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Signature Hawaiian Seasoning Salt (HSS)

Alae'a salt and proprietary spice blend. 25% less salt per pinch. Use instead of regular salt on everything: grilled veggies (just EVOO and HSS), meats, fish, poultry, soups, dressings, marinades, etc.

8 oz Mason Jar $12

16 oz Refill $19

16 oz Mason Jar $24

Guava Chicken Thighs

Raw, Premarinated. 

Fresh frozen in a ziploc.

3.25 lbs, Serves 4-6.


Guava Chicken Breasts

Raw, Premarinated. 

Fresh frozen in a ziploc.

4 lbs, Serves 5-6.



Guava Chicken is great grilled on bbq or broiled on top rack of oven. Can cut up and stir fry. Use for chicken burger w caramelized onions and avocado!

Guava Marinade

Special Extra Large Size

32oz (regularly 24oz)


Marinates up to 8.5lbs chicken.

Use as bbq sauce for ribs. Great as slowcooker starter--just braise and add water. 

Use straight for stir fry. Keep in freezer. No need to thaw.

Guava Marinade Allergy: oyster sauce (shellfish), soy, wheat


Signature Sweet Onion Dressing

House blended, 24oz.

Special (regularly $15)



Signature Choco Banana Bread

All Mine

Serves 1-2, $4.50 (minimum 4/order, ttl $18)


Loaf, Serves 6-8, $19


Round (Italian paper ring mold), Serves 8-10, $26


Bundt, Serves 15-18, $39


Next baking day: Please inquire


Browned Butter Kona Coffee Choco Chunk Cookie Dough

Ready-to-Bake, 375F, 12-15min, $24/dozen

Weekly Dishes:

Marbella Chicken Thighs

 6-8 pieces of thigh, bone in, skin on. Serves 4-5.


Marbella Chicken Breasts

Boneless, Skinless Breasts. Ready to cook. Serves 4-5.



Tarragon Chicken w/ leeks, breasts, cooked, heat/serve. 

3.25 lbs, Serves 4-5. 


Kalbi Korean Short Rib

Thin cut, bone in. 

Marinated, raw, ready to cook/bbq.

Min 5 lbs. Serves 4.

$16.33/lb x 4lb bag = $65.32

Please check for availability. If Kalbi bone-in is not available:

Kalbi will be replaced with similar cut, boneless version.
Min 4 lbs. Serves 4-5.
$15.65/lb, or current market price.

New for Friday or Saturday delivery: 

Portagee Garlic Fried Rice

32oz bowl, reusable/microwavable container, ok to freeze.


Ingredients of Portuguese (Portagee) sausage from Hawaii:

 onions, scallions, garlic, rice, soy ginger sauce, EVOO, butter, Hawaiian seasoning salt.

Free delivery.

Payment via Venmo @NaniSumi or

checks payable to Nani Sumi .



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