Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact EPKvault?

Head over to our contact page or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

Can I see examples of an EPKvault electronic press kit?

You betcha :-). We have some examples here: Artist - Actor - If you would like to see more, don’t hesitate to inquire at

Why do I need an EPK or Micro Site?

An EPK or Micro Site is an important tool to translate your brand effectively and efficiently. It is excellent way to communicate that you are a serious artist and ready for hire to present yourself in a professional EPK (electronic press kit) format. Within your EPK will be all your best content to showcase your talents and accomplishments readily available to be used for hiring, press, and representation. Article - Why I Need an EPK

How do I update my current EPKvault EPK?

1) Log into your account 2) Click “My Account” from the dropdown 3) Click “EPK Changes” in the left column 4) Complete the EPK change request form and submit We will have your changes made within 24 hours if not sooner

Can an agency use your EPK service?

Absolutely! Please contact us directly at

What is the philosophy behind EPKvault?

EPKvault is co-founded by Dandy O’Shea and Ron Brahy. Our goal in this adventure is to keep passion, joy, growth, and friendship a top priority with the mission of providing services that support artists in successful sustainable careers. In the spring of 2014, Dandy and Ron got acquainted while working together on a music event in Newport Beach, CA. Work methodologies and personal passions quickly synced up and they became instant friends. They have continued to work together on assorted projects. Between the two of them they do everything from logos, photography, websites, producing, publishing and promotion. With complementary skills and styles, starting EPKvault is a terrific addition to their journeys. EPKvault began in the fall of 2018 with a goal to support artistic careers by offering dynamic, professional, affordable electronic press kits (EPKs). Experience working with musicians gives us first hand knowledge that a professional EPK translates into a successful, sustainable career. We strive to provide a great looking, engaging, comprehensive web destination where artist's talents and skills are easily located, viewed and shared. EPKvault offers the only professionally designed custom created online EPK website available. Others features include a personalized URL for great searchability and SEO, a downloadable EPK one sheet, hosting and contact form included, and more.

What are the Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions?

Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions

What information is needed to build my EPK?

Here is what will help build your best EPK:

  • Your Name, Band Name - logo in png format
  • Social Media Links - Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, Youtube, etc.
  • Biography - short and/or long
  • Mp3 Audio Files - top 3 original songs for direct upload
  • SoundCloud URL Links - top 2 songs as an alternative to a direct mp3 file uploads
  • Video Links - 2 total: live performances or music videos on Youtube or Vimeo
  • Images - 6 to 8: include hi-res, color, b&w, portrait, and landscape
  • Band or Crew Members - include names and instruments. Example: John Smith - Drummer
  • Management and/or Record Label - include best contact information
  • Music Genre - main genre and subgenre if known
  • Location - example: Los Angeles, CA
  • Website URL
  • Tour Calendar - we sync with Bands in Town to make it easier for you
  • Email - this will also be used for your direct contact form unless otherwise noted
  • Press, Quotes, or News Links - 3 max
  • Any Additional Important Information - stage plot, charting single, etc.

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