Rock, World, Experimental, Soundscapes, Electroacoustic

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I grew up listening to a lot of music, from The Beatles to Metallica, and from Alan Menken’s classical Disney film scoring to Indonesian traditional folk composition. Music has always been my passion, and being born into a family that dedicates their life to music is something that I consider a privilege. In 1998, I started to experiment with guitar effects and found out more of what one can do with sounds. Thus, it was the first time I was exposed to sound design, and since then I never look back. I consider my work as “Sonic Collage” because some people say that it is deep, complex and full of layers, resulting in an emotional journey that lives beyond conventional artistic mediums. I have been involved in various projects ranging from being a music producer, guitar player, and programmer in my own band. Focusing on exploring myself as a sound artist, I have worked on various projects, ranging from independent experiment shows as well as big projects for commercial purposes. For instance, I have done sound design for theater productions, film scoring, gallery exhibitions, and fashion runway, yet I am also experienced in commercial productions and live multimedia projects for big corporations. My works on sound have been exhibited in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Tokyo, Auckland, and San Francisco. “Beauty begins when science and art collaborate” – Edgard Varèse, 1936.


Rock | World | Experimental | Soundscapes | Electroacoustic 


Iman Fattah


Los Angeles, CA